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  10 - 11 May 2024  Cairo International Stadium, Hall 1


Uniting Cultures, Empowering Dreams

In the mystical realm of “Shinyua,” the saga of the Unity Dragons—Val, Rei, and Oni—unfolded, embodying powers of dreams, soul, and metamorphosis. As the shadows of Akur threatened to disrupt harmony, a hero named Sho emerged, setting forth on a quest to unite these dragons and restore balance.

Crafting an Epic Experience

Our History

Dragons: Ground Zero

Our journey started here. Dragons vol.1: Ground Zero has been a huge hit in Egypt, covering a large scale of competition, cultures, dance covers, and more.
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Beyond Realms

A World of Immersive Experiences

At DRAGONS, our mission transcends boundaries. We aim to craft an unforgettable event that merges diverse cultures and fuels imagination. With a 10-hour event schedule packed with gaming, cosplay, and K-pop, we’re dedicated to engaging a diverse audience from start to finish. Our commitment extends to providing businesses and sponsors ample opportunities to shine amidst our dynamic shows and immersive experiences. Beyond entertainment, we foster cultural dialogue, echoing the unity the Dragons once stood for.
The Fusion Arc.

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