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Experience the fusion of technology and entertainment with DRAGONS! Elevate your brand’s presence and captivate audiences with our innovative solutions. Join us as we redefine industry boundaries, bringing a new dimension to the world of business.

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Gigabyte Technology


Event Details

1. Four Stages: Covering K-pop, cosplay, gaming, and the main stage.

2. Dragons Lounge: Exclusive perks for VIP guests.

3. Dragons Customized Store

4. Gaming Competitions: Valorant and LoL with a mega jackpot of 500K EGP, the largest prize

in these games’ history.

5. Professional Cosplay Competition: 300K EGP prize.

6. Additional Gaming Competitions: Including PUBG, COD Mobile, Mobile Legends, FIFA, etc.

7. Original K-POP Show: Performed by Glitch Gang x Bitter Sweet.

8. Dragons Hologram Show

9. Live Puzzle Games: Prizes worth 50,000 EGP.

10. Diverse Agendas: Unique schedules for both days.

11. Customized Dragons Photo Booth

12. Costume Museum: Featuring previous champion cosplayers’ costumes.

Why Dragons?

Our Approach

Strategic objectives for telecom, gaming or a technology company to partner with SECTOR:

Brand Exposure and Visibility

Vodafone's logo will feature prominently on all event materials, including banners, flyers, digital ads, and merchandise, ensuring widespread visibility. Additionally, on-site branding opportunities such as a prominently placed booth and Vodafone-branded areas like the Dragons Lounge will enhance brand recognition among attendees.

Audience Engagement

We propose that Vodafone can directly engage with attendees at the Dragons event, providing opportunities for product demonstrations, sign-ups, and data collection. Sponsored interactive activities and contests will create memorable brand interactions, fostering a positive association with Vodafone and enhancing audience engagement.

Showcasing Technology and Services

The Dragons event will foster brand recognition and loyalty among the young generation (Gen-Z), while also showcasing Vodafone's latest technologies, services, and products. This collaboration will position Vodafone as a key player in innovation and youth engagement.

Community Engagement

Dragons’ event allows you to engage with this very specific community, fostering positive relationships and gaining insights into the preferences and needs of a key demographic.

Youth and Millennial Appeal

"Dragons 2: The Fusion Arc" aligns Vodafone with creativity, innovation, and youth culture, enhancing brand perception. Dragons’ event includes millennials and Gen Z. Our event allow to connect with these demographics, which may be essential for staying relevant and appealing to the next generation of consumers.

Digital and Online Presence

Vodafone will benefit from frequent mentions and tags in event-related posts, stories, and live streams on platforms like Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok. Additionally, the sponsorship will be highlighted in email newsletters sent to a large subscriber base, along with SMS marketing that provides timely updates and exclusive offers to a direct and personal audience.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Dragons’ event will involve collaborations with various partners, including technology companies, hardware manufacturers, and content creators and by sponsoring such event you can explore potential partnerships and collaborations that may benefit both parties in the long run.

Tapping into the Growing Gaming Industry

Dragons’ event will rapidly grow the market with a massive local and global audience. By associating your brand with popular gaming events, you can position your solution in an industry that continues to expand.


“Dragons 2: The Fusion Arc” is designed to be the most engaging event for Gen Z, bringing together vibrant communities of gamers, cosplayers, and K-pop fans. Featuring the latest advancements in entertainment technology and hosting the largest competitions ever, we ensure an unforgettable experience. Our innovative lighting techniques create a more interactive and immersive atmosphere for the audience, making every moment spectacular.

Our History

Dragons: Ground Zero

Our journey started here. Dragons vol.1: Ground Zero has been a huge hit in Egypt, covering a large scale of competition, cultures, dance covers, and more.
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We are Sector

Subsidiary of Sector

DRAGONS is a proud subsidiary of Sector Technology & Entertainment, renowned for crafting immersive experiences in gaming and anime. As part of Sector, DRAGONS embodies our commitment to innovation, technology, and cultural fusion.

Synergies & Support

At DRAGONS, Sector drives innovation, tech advancements, and community engagement. Together, we amplify entertainment experiences and foster a vibrant community of enthusiasts.

Event Marketing with vodafone

Seizing Marketing Excellence

Vodafone Play x Dragons

We propose a collaboration with Vodafone to add our Dragons mini-game to Vodafone Play. This "Vodafone Play x Dragons" partnership will let gamers earn coins to redeem for exclusive products at the Dragons event, engaging them with virtual landscapes inspired by K-Pop, anime, and gaming cultures.

Mystery Box

Being an industry standard in the gaming world, we will be sending curated mystery boxes to influencers. Each box will contain cryptic clues and cultural artifacts related to the Japanese and Korean cultures. Influencers will then be invited to collaborate to unveil the mysteries in their boxes.

Event Tickets

Event tickets will be available on Tazkarti, making it easy for attendees to secure their spot at the Dragons event. As part of our collaboration, we will provide over 2,000 tickets through promo codes and treasure hunts, customized primarily for Vodafone customers.

Creative Ad

We'll create an engaging ad featuring elements from the Dragons' world, including costumes for the three dragons. This ad will draw people into the Dragons' story, sparking their imagination and excitement for the event. this Ad Directed by Shams el Sawaf, with DOP by Moataz Ibrahim, filming by Eslam Shady.

Musical Track

We propose creating a special musical track for the event in collaboration with superstars Abyusif, Ahmed Saad, and DAFENCII. The track, accompanied by a video inspired by all the cultural elements of Dragons, will enhance the immersive experience and add to the event's excitement.

Special Guest Invitation

We will invite superstar Rasha Rizq to perform at the opening of the event. Her performance is expected to draw a large crowd, as she is very popular and many people will attend specifically to see her.

Influencers and Creators

The core of our marketing strategy is the engagement of influencers and creators who wield significant impact within our target demographic. By collaborating with these influential figures, we aim to amplify the event's reach, enhance its appeal, and foster an authentic connection with the audience.

Digital Marketing

We employ Social Media for community engagement, targeted paid ads for increased visibility, Search Engine Optimization for online discoverability, and an engaging website as a central hub for information and immersion.

SMS Marketing Campaign

We’re partnering up with different firms that specialize in gaming, cosplay, and K-pop to collect market data and send an all-out SMS marketing campaign to alert our audience to the DRAGONS event. We will also be sending updates, discounts, and promotional content to encourage word-of-mouth.

Product Marketing

Our product marketing campaign will be done through product promotional codes that will be sent out to influencers, creators, and businesses to encourage them to participate in the different activities of the event.

Event Theme

Exploring Diverse Cultures



Power of Metamorphosis (Kingdom of Disguise)


Power of the Dreams (Kingdom of Fantasy)


Power of the Soul (Spiritual Kingdom)

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