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  27 - 28 September 2024  Cairo International Stadium, Hall 1

Middle East Cosplay Summit

Lift Off, Squads, we offer you the chance to travel and present your unique cosplay at the largest cosplay event in the MENA region. Prizes start from 50,000EGP!

Your time to shine as the best cosplayer in the MENA region is HERE! Join us for the Middle East Cosplay Summit Competition on DRAGONS day. Grab your partner-in-cosmic-crime, blow our minds with the best cosplay possible, and let’s rock this cosmic adventure together!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Teams must consist of two individuals aged 16 or older to participate.
  2. The presentation duration is strictly three minutes. Submit the video and bring it on a USB in case of any technical issues.
  3. Participants own the intellectual property of the performance, including backgrounds, musical composition, and voiceovers. Some scenes and sounds can be borrowed from a source, provided it doesn’t violate intellectual property laws.
  4. Judging criteria are 40% for cosplay and 60% for the stage.
  5. Presence and use of stage decoration raise the score, while its absence reduces the participants’ scores.
  6. Seventy percent of the cosplay must be handmade.
  7. External assistance and ready-made parts are allowed up to 30%.
  8. Participants must inform us about the details of each part, whether ready-made, handmade, or modified (to be written in the form).
  9. Participants must hold Egyptian nationality.
  10. Both characters must be from the same universe.
  11. Presence of stage decoration is preferred and necessary for elevation.
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