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  27 - 28 September 2024  Cairo International Stadium, Hall 1

Epic Cosplay Challenge

Here is your chance to shine as a pro cosplayer and win up to 300,000 EGP!

Pro cosplayers, your mastery awaits recognition! Showcase your skills at the next Epic Cosplay Challenge on the DRAGONS day. You’re welcome to join and reach new heights with us.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Participants must be at least 16 years old to enter the competition.
  2. The allocated presentation time for each competitor is one minute. Ensure to submit both the video and images, and have them available on a USB in case of any technical errors. Failure to include either in the form will result in the event playing a random audio from one of the songs.
  3. Judging criteria are divided into 70% for craftsmanship and 30% for stage presentation. Subcategories include conformity, difficulty, execution precision, material composition, creativity and innovation, finish, and flexibility. The three additional factors are impersonation, synchronization, and the X factor.
  4. External assistance from friends, family, and ready-made costumes is allowed up to a maximum of 30%.
  5. The nationality of the participant is not a requirement for filling out the form, as long as the submission is accepted and the individual is present during the initial judging.
  6. Your cosplay must be from a game, anime, movie, or series, excluding fan art and original characters.
  7. Participants must inform us about the details of each part, whether ready-made, handmade, or modified (to be written in the form).
  8. The top five positions should preferably not have won before.
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